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Markets We Serve

Paragon Machining provides precision machined parts to a wide variety of markets and industries, but our primary focus has been on serving eight core markets. Some “good fit” products are listed below:

Farm Equipment

Shafts; housings; spindles and other machined parts for backhoes; bulldozers; attachments; tractors; etc.

Aluminum Extrusions

Framing extrusions; heat sinks; box enclosures; compact linear motion guide
rails; v-slot gantry plates; channels; external brackets; joining plates; couplings, ejector handles, etc.

Racing/Performance Parts

Pistons, suspension components, shafts, valves, sleeves, pins, pinion shafts, brake system components, torsion bars, etc.


Structural brackets; mounting brackets; Clevises; extensions; fasteners; custom mount assemblies; bronze nuts, etc.

Armored Vehicles

Powertrain; steering systems; braking systems; Fuel systems; airbag systems; climate control; gears, shafts, valves, etc.

Air Bag Components

Inflators; fittings; impact sensors, reversible sleeves; air valves; gas generators, fasteners; hardware; accelerator sensor units:

Defense Industry

Adapters, nuts, caps, bushings, housings, valves, spacers, and washers; connectors, sensors, enclosures; control knobs; fans; control boxes; etc.

Optics and Night Vision

Goggles; housings, scopes; weapon sites; binoculars; tubing; rings, connectors, shafts; Helmut mounts; monoculars; camera housings; sensors; etc.

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