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Become a Rep of Paragon Machining

If we are going to grow Paragon Machining, we will need to develop a highly professional team of independent reps to drive new revenue. As such, we are extending, to qualified independent reps, the opportunity to represent our organization. Being an independent sales representative for Paragon Machining will enable you to:​

  • Deliver more than just parts to your customers

  • Get accurate quotes for virtually any precision component or precision machining project being sourced by your customers

  • Work with a company that always operates with the highest integrity and demands that all of its reps do the same

  • Provide your customers with near 100% on-time, defect-free components and sub-assemblies

  • Receive sales tools, marketing assistance, technical support, and more.

  • Enjoy uncapped earnings potential

  • Tap your relationships with customers in virtually any city, state, or country because you’re not tied down to one specific territory…we don’t have exclusive territories

  • Earn exclusivity on key accounts by demonstrating that you can generate RFQs and build long term relationships with customers

What We Expect From You

As a representative of Paragon Machining, we will expect you to:

  • Always operate in an ethical, moral manner

  • Treat everyone you encounter on our behalf with dignity and respect

  • Be honest and upfront with us…we’ll be honest and upfront with you in return.

  • Sign and live up to the terms of our Independent Representative Agreement

  • Protect our proprietary information and trade secrets

  • Assist in the resolution of any problems that occur on your projects

  • Say something if you are not happy…we’ll do everything we can to make it right

What You Can Expect From Us

When you work with Paragon Machining, you will be working with a respected and knowledgeable precision machining company. As such, we promise to be a principal that:

  • Keeps our technology up to date

  • Stands behind our work…and our reps

  • Treats you as a partner… not a vendor

  • Generates fast and accurate quotes…routinely, 3-5 business days

  • Offers sales assistance such as joint calls, account planning, problem resolution, prospecting help, and selling tools

  • Helps you develop and implement annual customer plans to broaden your footprint with your key customers

  • Keeps you up-to-date on new developments and welcomes new ideas

  • Pays you in a fair and timely manner

  • Will be excited about sending you a large commission check every month because your success is Paragon’s success.

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