U-Loc® Keyless Locking System

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The Award Winning U-Loc® Keyless Locking System is a versatile tool that provides safety and security right where you need it most!

The U-Loc Keyless Locking System can help prevent toddlers and small children from getting into many hazardous in or around your home. This revolutionary keyless locking system offers a simple yet effective way to secure a wide variety of household dangers. While standard key locks and combination locks provide security, they also require keys and combinations. The No Key U-Loc requires niether while delivering exceptional security. By using the keyless U-Loc lock swimming pools, harsh chemicals, sharp tools, and paints are kept out of the hands of small children. Livestock pens and kennels are kept secure as well. Consider how many ways this amazing lock can give you piece of mind!

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The U-Loc® offers strength, security, and simplicity. There are no keys to lose or combinations to forget. Add this simple and secure lock anywhere to help keep kids safe!

The U-Loc has many valuable functions in addition to protecting kids.

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