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At Paragon, our highly skilled and experienced staff utilizes state of the art machining technology to provide the highest quality products with on-time delivery at a competitive and fair price. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction through personalized service and the highest quality of products.

Located in Mesa Arizona, Paragon is dedicated to serving the machining needs of our community including Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, and the East Valley, as well as the Greater Phoenix area and beyond.

We look forward to providing you with the kind of customer service you expect and deserve.

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Paragon Machining Services

Paragon Machining and Design Inc. designs, programs and produces mechanical drawings and parts using state of the art software and machining centers. The team at Paragon Machining and Design has many years of design and machining experience. We have an extensive background dealing with machined parts and customers requests used in the semi-conductor, and automotive industries as well as numerous other industries. We have state of the art equipment and are able to provide you with a quality product, on time delivery, at a fair price.

Our Services Include:

~State of the art CNC Machining
~Prototype Machining
~Manual Machining
~Short Run Production
~Long Run Production
~Hand-finishing Department
~Quality Control Department
~CAD/CAM Design
~Electronic File Transfer of drawings
Meeting and Exceeding Quality Standards

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (ISO 9000 Compliant)

Paragon Machining & Design Inc. meets the quality standards of their customers by adhering to ISO 9000 standards and invites all our customers to view our Quality Program Manual.

Click here to view our Quality Program Manual in PDF format.


Machining Department

Paragon Machining specializes in Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machining with complex contouring. We also specialize in prototype machining, as well as the machining of plastics, steels, aluminum, and other metals. We have state of the art Bridgeport machining centers in our CNC Department, and our Manual Machining Department features Bridgeport knee mills. Paragon Machining is equipped to handle all of your drilling, sawing, tapping, and engraving needs. Our Hand-Finishing Department assures top quality machined parts. We handle short and long run production of complex parts. We also produce gages, fixtures and tooling for research and development projects while working closely with our customers to produce the highest quality part to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Engineering Department

Our Engineering Department utilizes CAD/CAM for designing and programming. Complex contouring and surfacing is analyzed and designed using CAD/CAM capabilities and then transferred into machine code to be used on our machining centers. Paragon engineers parts from conception to production using the latest Computer Aided Design software. Paragon Machining also draws prints from sketches enabling thecustomer to possess a print if on does not already exist. We have digitizing and plotting capabilities as well. We are also capable of transferring drawings and documents viae-mail. Our engineering department has extensive background experience with the semi-conductor, and automotive industries. View our Smart Cam Advanced Milling Datasheet

Quality Department

Quality is a top priority at Paragon Machining. Our Quality Control Department constantly tracks the quality of the product from the beginning of the production process until the product is delivered to the customer. Paragon's goal is to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and ensure customer satisfaction by manufacturing quality products with on time delivery and all at a fair market price.

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